Official campaign site of Scott Milne, 2016 candidate for U.S. Senator from Vermont

We are running a low budget campaign. Our opponent will outspend us by about 6 million dollars. Our opponent will take over 3 million dollars from lobbyists and special interests to run his campaign against Scott Milne.

Scott Milne will spend less on this election than any credible U.S. Senate candidate in America this year, and none of our money is coming from special interests – we will probably be out spent 100 dollars to 1.

“I believe that the influence of special interest money, and its influence over politicians, has become the crack in the foundation of our democracy; when candidates are funded by special interests, who do they truly represent?

“I believe that leaders must lead by example, and that is why I am running a campaign consistent with what I believe. If I make it to Washington, D.C., Vermont will lead the nation with a message that passing meaningful Campaign Finance Reform is vital. Our future and democracy depend upon it.”

Please check out this website and consider joining our endeavor to change America.