Milne Unveils Term Limit Reform Proposals
Pomfret, VT (October 27, 2016) – U.S. Senate candidate Scott Milne today unveiled a plan to achieve term limits in Congress.

Milne has taken a two-term pledge and his campaign is focused on government reform.

“The longer a person is in Washington, the cozier they get with lobbyists and special interests, and the further removed from the people and values that sent them there.

“Take Senator Leahy, for example, who’s former colleague hired his daughter to lobby Congress on matters often before the judiciary committee, who invites ‘all of the D.C. PACs and lobbyists’ to his fundraisers, charges folks as much to have a cocktail with him as his predecessor George Aiken spent on six re-elections, who spends as little as a quarter of the year in Vermont, and introduces legislation championed by his lobbyist friends.

“Term limits will serve to restore faith in government, reduce partisanship, and root out the insider’s club that rules us.  We must return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, not of the people with money, by the people with power, and for the people with money and power. Term limits are an important step towards that end, and my humble campaign is designed to amplify that message,” said Milne.

Term Limit Reform Proposals
  1. Support a constitutional amendment to impose a two-term limit on senators and a four-term limit on congressmen. Entrenched power mixed with entrenched special interests is a toxic mix that causes our citizens to lose faith in our institutions. Our Founding Fathers envisioned a government where citizen legislators served their fellow citizens and then returned to live among them under the laws they made. If eight years is long enough for a president, 12 years should be plenty for a Senator.
  1. Introduce a bill to revoke pensions for senators who run for re-election after two terms, and congressmen who run for re-election after four terms.  Imposing term limits in Congress will require a constitutional amendment.  In the meantime, this bill, The Leahy Act to Prevent Career Politics, will make career politicians think long and hard if they want to try and live off the taxpayers’ dime indefinitely.