Scott Milne’s Post-Election Statement


Pomfret, VT (November 10, 2016) – Scott Milne today made the following statement:

“I congratulate Senator Leahy, his family, and his supporters.

“Our chance of winning the election, although still long, would likely have been greater with a well-funded, traditional campaign. However, we wanted our election to be a message that the old ideas are not working, and it is time for change. Fundamental campaign finance reform and term limits should be addressed in the next Congress. We believed our potential to be effective as Vermont’s deliverer of this message was as important as winning.

“Our campaign was designed in accordance with Mahatma Gandhi’s principle to ‘be the change that you want to see in the world’.

“Although we didn’t win this time, I want to thank every person who has supported our effort.  I am especially grateful to my children and inner circle who stepped up and worked for what we all believe—that the broken system in Washington needs to be reformed if America is to be all she can be.”

Milne received 32.48% of the vote to Pat Leahy’s 60.22%; the highest percent of the vote of any Leahy-opponent since 1980, except for Jim Douglas in 1992, despite spending significantly less than any opponent aside from Fred Tuttle and running in a presidential year.

The Milne campaign spent roughly $0.50 per vote received ($52,308 at the time of the pre-general filing for 103,589 votes cast) to the Leahy campaign’s $17.74 ($3,405,516 at the time of the pre-general filing for 192,002 votes cast, and his leadership PAC spent an additional $2,398,395 this election cycle).

Including Leahy’s leadership PAC, that is a spending ratio of over 100:1.