Milne Calls on Leahy to come clean on EB-5, Jay Peak, ANC Bio, Q Burke, the demolition in Newport, and alleged fraud.

Pomfret, Vt. (May 6, 2016)—Potential U.S. Senate candidate Scott Milne today calls on Patrick Leahy and his representatives to release all communications to and from his office—emails, meeting notes, call logs, and letters—regarding the EB-5 projects in Vermont, especially Jay Peak, ANC Bio, the demolition in Newport, Q Burke, any related federal or state investigations, and allegations of fraud and Ponzi schemes. Milne further calls for Patrick Leahy to disclose all private and U.S. Government operated or U.S. Government sponsored aircraft flights he has taken—either as a guest of, host for, or fellow passenger—with any of the principals of Jay Peak, EB-5 investors, SEC personnel, Vermont’s Attorney General, Governor, and U.S. Attorneys over the past five years.

The federal EB-5 visa program has been mismanaged by Pat Leahy and Peter Shumlin. We spoke about this in the 2014 campaign. As the EB-5 program’s self-proclaimed ‘leading champion,’ Pat Leahy traveled the world to help recruit investors into this alleged Ponzi scheme. Pat Leahy needs to clear the air regarding what he and his office knew, when they knew it, and what he’s done—and failed to do—by releasing information,” said Scott Milne.

“At a time when Vermonters desperately need to have their confidence restored, Leahy and Peter Shumlin evade and stonewall.”


Leahy is EB-5’s leading champion in Washington. Here, standing in front of a cemetery, Leahy claims no communication with S.E.C., General Sorrell, U.S. Attorney, or Shumlin administration about investigation, denies air travel with EB-5 principals accused of fraud;

Shumlin wants to charge news outlets for information- Will Leahy freely offer information?