Milne Launches First Campaign Ad Highlighting D.C. Insider Ailment “DiCa”
Leahy Got Bit By The Bug

Pomfret, VT (October 13, 2016) – U.S. Senate candidate Scott Milne today released his first advertisement, which begins running on digital outlets today. The ad, titled “DiCa,” calls attention to Senator Patrick Leahy’s 42 years inside the beltway, and his special interest friends who finance his campaign and shuttle him around the world on their dime.
The DiCa (short for District of Columbia) virus tends to infect politicians who spend too long in Washington, D.C. Symptoms include an addiction to power leading to coziness with lobbyists, dependence on corporate campaign contributions, a lack of transparency and saying one thing to voters while doing the opposite back in Washington. The only known cure for this pernicious disease is to extract the sufferer from D.C.
“Patrick Leahy demonstrates all the symptoms of having spent too long in Washington, D.C.,” said Milne. “After 42 years inside the beltway and millions in special interest contributions, Leahy suffers from an advanced case of an ailment that attacks all too many professional politicians. It’s why I support term limits and true campaign finance reform. Voters deserve a fresh voice who has not been infected by the ways of Washington.”

“DiCa” Transcript
Career Politician Patrick Leahy has caught the bug.
The DiCa (Dee-Ka) virus from spending too many decades in D.C.
Over $3 million in special interest contributions. (Source: Center for Responsive Politics)
Rich government contracts for his campaign donors. (Source: “Cashing In: Who’s Financing The Candidates,” Seven Days, 7/20/16)
Tens of thousands of dollars of travel financed by big corporations. (Source: “Contrary to Claim, Leahy Has Taken $34K Worth of Free Travel,” Seven Days, 5/11/16)
Lives in a $1.3 million dollar house in a fancy DC suburb. (Source: Fairfax County, VA Tax Records For 916 Ridge Drive, MacLean, VA)
Save Patrick Leahy. Vote him out of DC.