Scott Milne’s Campaign Finance Report Confirms That His Campaign Can Change Elections As We Know Them

Pomfret, VT (October 17, 2016) – U.S. Senate candidate Scott Milne filed his quarterly report with the FEC Saturday.
The filing shows the Milne campaign has held to its clean campaign pledge by accepting no money from PACs or special interests.
Milne’s filing contrasts with Sen. Patrick Leahy who accepted $185,000 in special interest PAC contributions during the last period, bringing the total amount raised from special interests to nearly $3.3 million over his current term in office
“I believe that professional politicians, long and expensive campaigns, and the special interest money that fuels them, are ruining democracy and our futures.  Our campaign is unique in our clean campaign pledge, no solicitation of donations, and Yankee Frugality,” said Scott Milne.
Milne raised $69,036.10 this quarter, for an election-cycle-to-date total of $74,136.10.  The campaign had $34,414.84 on hand on September 30.
“Vermont has a proud tradition of firsts.  Our grassroots campaign is free of special interest money’s contamination. We are all volunteers.  The candidate and campaign have not made one call, or solicitation, asking any person or organization for money. Scott Milne would be the first U.S. Senator elected over an incumbent with a campaign anything like this in recent American history.  Vermont has the potential to lead the nation.  By electing Milne, it will be clear that our broken and rigged political system must be reformed.  My dad  has spent his career building a small business and his family.  He is just the man for the job,” said campaign manager, Elise Milne.