Scott Milne Launches New Campaign Ad: Votes, Not Money, Are What Count


November 2, 2016 (Pomfret, VT): U.S. Senate Candidate Scott Milne today launched a new campaign ad, titled “Votes, Not Money, Are What Count.”  The 60 second spot highlights Milne’s positive, clean government reform platform.

“This ad communicates the power of our homegrown, all-volunteer, effort to change America.

“I believe the campaign we have designed offers a stark contrast to a 42 year incumbent with a $6 million dollar special interest funded war chest, and tired talking points of partisanship.

“We believe Vermonters will join Scott Milne on Election Day and Help Pat Leahy…retire.

“Our victory will prove, one more time, that in America—even in 2016—votes are more important than money,” said Milne.

The ad will run online and, starting Thursday, television, in a $38,000 ad buy on a range of outlets, through November 8th.  Milne’s campaign is funded entirely by unsolicited personal donations.  Senator Leahy’s $6 million war chest, by contrast, is comprised of more than $3.4 million in special interest donations.


“Scott Milne has spent his career balancing a budget, and building jobs.

“Scott believes that our country is designed for regular citizens to serve in the U.S. Senate.

“Scott’s campaign is all volunteers—lead by his children. He declines special interest money, does not solicit donations, and is outspent by millions.

“Today, our dad steps forward to challenge a politician seen as unbeatable.  He does this because he believes Vermont deserves better.  He wants a better future for our state and our nation.”

“He is raising his hand to serve, and seeking the support of all Vermonters who in good faith want to see a different kind of leadership in Washington, D.C.”

“ Scott Milne will work for term limits and end pensions for career politicians.

“His election will be a powerful, positive message that the days of big money controlling Senators are over.

“This can do more for America twenty years from now than another Leahy term.”

“I am Scott Milne and I approve this message. Please prove votes, not money, are what counts on November 8th .”