Scott Milne’s Statement on Justice Department’s Criminal Probe of Mylan

November 3, 2016 (Pomfret, VT): Scott Milne this afternoon issued the following statement upon the breaking story that the Leahy-donor Mylan is the subject of a criminal probe by the Justice Department, on top of the Congressional investigation it is subject to.

Wells Fargo, another major Leahy-donor, is being investigated by the Justice Department and the Security and Exchange Commission, in addition to a Congressional inquiry.  And Governor Baker and Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachusetts are calling for an investigation into the Thornton Law Firm, which stands accused of a straw-donor scheme, and is another Leahy-donor.

Senator Leahy flatly refuses to return any of these donations, or his donations from the attorney involved with the alleged Ponzi scheme at Jay and Burke, despite the growing number of other politicians who have already returned donations from the same tainted sources.

In their debate on Wednesday, Scott Milne commented that Patrick Leahy “loves money,” and Leahy’s refusal to return these tainted donations offers us all proof that our senior Senator lacks good judgement.

“Senator Leahy has succumbed to the culture of special interests and big money politics that is ruining our country.  As a candidate, I have rejected all special interest money and will work to force term limits.  As a senator, I will promote real campaign finance reform that gets special interest money out of politics.

“I again call on Pat Leahy to return all of these tainted contributions.  It is clearly in Vermont and America’s best interests to have a new kind of leadership in the U.S. Senate,” said Scott Milne.