Scott Milne Releases Ad: “The Money Man”

Pomfret, VT (November 7, 2016) — Scott Milne this morning released a new web ad entitled “The Money Man”.

This light-hearted, 44s spot, is rooted in the old English children’s song “The Muffin Man”, and highlights the special interest money that is propping up career politicians and ruing our country.

As Scott has said in debates, the facts suggest that Pat Leahy and his reelection campaign “love money.”   They have taken over $3.4 million from special interests in this campaign cycle, and are running a 6 million dollar re-election.

“By electing Scott Mile on Tuesday, November 8th, Vermont can send a powerful message that the days of lobbyists having a seat at the legislation-drafting table are numbered.  America’s best days will lie ahead, and egalitarian principals will ring true once more,” said Scott Milne.

TRANSCRIPT to “The Money Man”:

Do you know the money man, the money man, the money man,
do you know the money man who takes corporate cash?

Pat Leahy’s been in DC, 42 years, 42 years,
Being down there 42 years is way too long.

We gotta get, dirty money, out of Vermont,
so that our Senator will actually represent us.

Now’s the time to elect Scott Milne, elect Scott Milne, elect Scott Milne,
Now’s the time to elect Scott Milne because he will represent us.

“I’m Scott Milne and I approve this message.  Please show that votes, not money, are what count on November 8th.”