Milne Asks Voters to Help Him Change America

Washington, VT (September 10, 2016) – U.S. Senate Candidate Scott Milne today formally launched his U.S. Senate bid in his hometown of Washington, VT. Milne made his case to voters that career politicians in Washington, D.C., and the big money that fuels them are ruining our futures.

Over one hundred supporters descended on the small town in Orange County, where Milne grew up, for a morning of optimism. “Scott Milne makes me believe that things can start to function again in Washington. I’ve known him since he was a kid over at the school and he’s the man for the job,” said Joy Driscoll.

Pointing to the fact that he has not solicited a single donation, and pledged to refuse special interest and PAC money, Milne told the crowd “if I win this election, it can fundamentally change America, and the way elections are financed. And, my walk is matching my talk.”

In that same vein, Milne pledged to remain in the U.S. Senate for no longer than two terms, if fortunate enough to be elected.

Milne pointed to his opponent’s refusal to engage in adequate debate, lack of transparency regarding his EB-5-related communications, his trading of campaign donations for favors, and the millions of dollars in special interest money he has accepted while refusing a clean campaign challenge. “His talk is not matching his walk . . .What does all of this mean? I believe it means that Pat Leahy should retire,” said the candidate.

Our founders intended for our country to be governed by regular citizens – farmers, businesspeople, teachers—maybe a travel agent . . . who would hold office temporarily and then return home to their jobs and to their neighbors, and live under the laws they made. I humbly ask for your vote this November,” Milne concluded.

Rusty DeWees kicked off the proceedings with some jokes, social insight, and musical serenade.

Governor Douglas told the welcoming crowd that he has gotten to know Scott Milne quite well, and that he is convinced that he is the right person to serve as Vermont’s next United States Senator.

The campaign asked for donations to the Keith Milne children’s book fund at the Calef Memorial Library in town. The campaign provided refreshments and copies of the 1939 classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. That film—about a common man who goes to Washington, D.C. and takes on a corrupt political system—was Marion Milne’s favorite, and remains a great source of political inspiration in the Milne family. Over $200 was raised for the fund.