Democratic Senator Debbie Ingram Endorses Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor

For Immediate Release
September 21, 2020

Mike Donohue

Scott Milne announced today that Democratic Senator Debbie Ingram (Chittenden County) has endorsed Milne’s candidacy.

“I have decided to vote for Scott Milne for lieutenant governor, and I encourage all Vermonters to do the same,” said Sen. Ingram. “Although I have been a lifelong Democrat, and am still a Democrat, I believe that Mr. Milne is the best person for this important position at this time.”

Sen. Ingram said many factors contributed to her decision: “Scott Milne has an attitude of humility, which leads him to listen to and learn from others.

“Scott’s policy portfolio, ‘ProgressVT,’ is detailed, comprehensive, and substantive. Although I do not agree with all of the policy goals expressed in it, I appreciate that there are clear and thorough descriptions of these goals and his rationale for including them.

“His policy proposals around Growing Our Workforce and Opening Up the Lt Governor’s Office are persuasive, even across party lines, and certain parts of many of his other proposals are also compelling, including investing in higher education, expanding income tax deductions for seniors’ medical expenses, strengthening our ethics laws, focusing on downstream governments, and encouraging affordable housing.

“Scott has extensive business experience that can help get our economy back on track after COVID.

“His life experience enables him to be compassionate and supportive toward others who struggle both personally and professionally in the COVID era.

“Scott is familiar with the procedures of the Senate and has taken the time to research and reflect on what he can bring to presiding over that body.

“I’d like to say, too, that I have tremendous admiration for Scott’s mother, Marion Milne. When she was a Republican member of the Vermont House, Mrs. Milne demonstrated great courage and integrity by voting in favor of the civil unions bill when she knew it would cost her seat in the next election. But she did it because she was convinced it was the right thing to do, and as a lesbian myself, I have the highest respect and deepest gratitude for lawmakers like her. That is the family legacy that Mr. Milne possesses.

“I would also like to add that although I am committed to supporting the advancement of women in our political system, the position of lieutenant governor is too important to decide solely on the basis of sex rather than the many other characteristics necessary for the job. In my opinion, Mr. Milne’s qualities in other respects matter more than electing a woman,” concluded Sen. Ingram.

“I’m proud to have Senator Ingram’s support,” said Scott Milne. “Senator Ingram has been a strong voice for Vermont’s children, making health care more affordable, and expanding civil rights for all Vermonters. Her endorsement is an example of how we can build bridges and put the people of Vermont above politics.”