Democratic State Representative Linda Joy Sullivan Endorses Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2020

Mike Donohue

POMFRET, VT – Scott Milne announced today that Representative Linda Joy Sullivan (D-Dorset) has endorsed Milne’s candidacy. Sullivan represents the Bennington-Rutland District (Dorset, Peru, Landgrove, Mt. Tabor, and Danby) and is a former candidate for the Office of Vermont Auditor of Accounts during the recent Democratic party primary. Sullivan has served in the Vermont House of Representatives since 2017 and is running unopposed for re-election to her House seat.

“During my Democratic primary contest for State Auditor, I was very blessed to have made new friends and met many remarkable people,” said Representative Sullivan. “One of them is Scott Milne, now running to be our State’s next Lieutenant Governor. Scott will be an excellent leader for the people of Bennington and Rutland Counties – as well as all Vermonters – as Lieutenant Governor.”

“Scott Milne is a successful business-person, having grown a business started by his family right here in Vermont into a national company with nearly 100 employees. In each of my several conversations with Scott during primary season, I noted consistently his personal excitement and enthusiasm over the prospect of public service. But as I continued to talk to him about issues of substance important to Vermonters, I came away most deeply impressed with how he speaks compassionately and pragmatically about them in a way that transcends ‘party’ and ‘ideological’ labels – from protecting the neediest among us, to strengthening our rural economy, to enhancing the prosperity of working Vermonters, to advancing educational opportunities and better securing our safety net programs. I know, from personal experience, that a private sector background can serve enormously to help guide public officials in how they approach important issues of public policy. I found Scott’s focus during our conversations about finding compassionate solutions to our most difficult economic and social issues extremely refreshing.

“I’d encourage everyone to take a look at Scott’s ProgressVT platform statement recently published on his website. It’s hard to tell from a reading of the statement Scott’s party affiliation – rather, it focuses largely on protecting Vermonters in need, on enhancing opportunities for our neighbors and families to achieve family prosperity in our rural Vermont economy and on making our state government more responsive, transparent and efficient.”

“I am honored to have Representative Sullivan’s support,” said Scott Milne. “Representative Sullivan has been a leader in the Legislature, fighting for the interests of Southern Vermont. She is truly one of the most dedicated state representatives in our state and has been a strong voice on a number of crucial issues, for which she has been recognized at the state and national levels. Her endorsement represents a continuation of my focus on putting aside party lines so we can work together to build a brighter future for all Vermonters.”