Despite Positive Campaign Pledge, Gray Super PAC Launches Attack Ads

For Immediate Release
October 7, 2020

Mike Donohue

Despite Positive Campaign Pledge,
Gray Super PAC Launches Attack Ads

POMFRET, VT – Alliance For A Better Vermont Action Fund, a super PAC affiliated with Molly Gray, today announced in a mass media report that it will be conducting negative advertising against Scott Milne. Milne is the only candidate mentioned in the ad.

“Molly Gray’s campaign is desperate and losing, so she has broken her promise to run a positive campaign,” said Mike Donohue, campaign spokesman for Scott Milne. “Hypocrisy and dishonesty have been unfortunate hallmarks of the Gray campaign, which is why so many Democrats refuse to support her and even her own running mate won’t defend her character.”

Despite attacks on Milne by Gray about donors to the RSLC, a group running ads supporting Scott Milne, Alliance For A Better Vermont Action Fund receives most of its dollars through a non-profit arm called Alliance For A Better Vermont, Inc., which does not appear to disclose donors at all. It also received a sizable donation from an organization called Win Vermont.

Disclosures suggest all three organizations are controlled by Ashley Moore.

In late September, Alliance For A Better Vermont knowingly falsified Scott Milne’s voting record, and was excoriated by the Pomfret town clerk.

To date, Milne has run only positive advertising.

**Molly Gray Has Repeatedly And Falsely Attacked Scott Milne For Running A Negative Campaign, Even Though All Of His Advertising Has Been Positive.

Starting The Second Day Of The General Election, Gray Pledged A Positive Campaign And Accused Scott Milne Of Being Negative.** ‘”Scott Milne has focused his campaigns on negative attacks of his opponent, and he’s offered little vision for how he would lead Vermont forward,’ Gray said. ‘I’m hoping it will be different this time, and I want to offer him a different opportunity.“’ (Seven Days, 8/13/20)

  • “Asked whether she thought Milne would embrace her call for an issues-based race, Gray said she planned to give him every opportunity to do so. ‘That’s why I’m running. That’s what I want to talk about, and that’s what I expect from my opponent,’ she said.” (Seven Days, 8/13/20)

Gray Accuses Milne Of “Division And Fear.” “We know who our opponent is. We know what’s at stake in this election. We know the Trump Republican playbook of division and fear. But we must do differently.” (VTDems Unity Rally, 8/13/20)

Gray Accuses Milne Of Running Attack Campaigns. “Scott will continue to do his attacks and do what he does. That’s how he runs his campaigns.” (WVMT, 9/30/20)

  • “My opponent has a history of attacking opponents. This is just another attack. This is just another attack by my opponent.” (WPTZ, 10/6/20)

Molly Gray’s Website Features A Quote From Former Gov. Howard Dean Saying He Was Endorsing Her Because He Values Candidates “With A Positive Platform, Not Negative Campaigners.” “I’m endorsing Molly because I value candidates with a positive platform more than negative campaigners. I value doers more than talkers, and I value real leaders who will stand up for Vermonters instead of practicing politics as usual.” (Molly Gray Website, accessed 10/7/20)

Molly Gray Has Attacked Scott Milne Over Donors To RSLC.

Gray Attacked Milne Over Donors To A Super PAC Running Ads Supporting Him. “Just a day removed from Republican Scott Milne’s criticism of a super PAC that backs her, Democrat Molly Gray returned the favor during a lieutenant governor’s debate Tuesday, calling out Milne for receiving the backing from a GOP political action committee that has ties to Koch Industries and other top Republican donors.” (VTDigger, 9/29/20)


Scott Milne knows how difficult COVID-19 has been for so many Vermonters whose lives and livelihoods have been upended. Now more than ever, we need more leaders in Montpelier who understand the challenge of running a small business and creating and protecting good jobs. Scott is running for lieutenant governor in order to help move Vermont through our economic recovery and toward a more prosperous future.

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