38 Republican Members of the State Senate and State House of Representatives endorse Scott Milne for Lt. Governor

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Contact: Corey Parent
July 21, 2020

Scott Milne Announces Endorsements from Republican Legislators

North Pomfret – Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Scott Milne today announced endorsements from 38 currently elected Vermont Republican legislators.

“I’m honored to have the support of so many of the hard-working Republican legislators,” Milne said. “They come together from every corner of our state and advocate for policies that help our economy grow, reduce the burden of high taxes, and to just plain make our state a better place to live. As lieutenant governor, I will work with them each and every day to help make our vision for a more prosperous Vermont a reality.”

“Having Scott Milne in the Lt. Governor’s office will help me and my colleagues fight for a more affordable Vermont, help Vermonters create more jobs, and protect our rights from being encroached on by the majority party” said Rep. Felisha Leffler (R-Franklin 7)

The following State Senators and State Representatives are endorsing Scott Milne for Lt. Governor.

Sen. Joe Benning – Caledonia

Rep. Paul Lefebvre - Essex/Caledonia/Orleans

Sen. Randy Brock – Franklin

Rep. Felisha Leffler - Franklin 7

Sen. Jim McNeil – Rutland

Rep. Marcia Martel - Caledonia 1

Sen. Corey Parent – Franklin

Rep. Chris Mattos - Chittenden 10

Rep. Patricia McCoy - Rutland 1

Rep. Francis McFaun - Washington 2

Rep. Rob LaClair - Washington 2

Rep. Leland Morgan - Grand Isle/Chittenden

Rep. Lynn Batchelor - Orleans 1

Rep. Mary Morrissey - Bennington 2-2

Rep. Scott Beck - Caledonia 3

Rep. Linda Myers - Chittenden 8-1

Rep. Patrick Brennan - Chittenden 9-2

Rep. John Palasik – Chittenden 10

Rep. Bill Canfield - Rutland 3

Rep. Connie Quimby - Essex/Caledonia

Rep. Larry Cupoli - Rutland 5-2

Rep. Carl Rosenquist - Franklin 1

Rep. Lynn Dickinson - Franklin 3-2

Rep. Brian Savage - Franklin 4

Rep. Anne Donahue - Washington 1

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann - Lamoille 1

Rep. Peter Fagan - Rutland 5-1

Rep. Patrick Seymour - Caledonia 4

Rep. Marty Feltus - Caledonia 4

Rep. Butch Shaw - Rutland 6

Rep. James Gregoire - Franklin 6

Rep. Harvey Smith - Addison 5

Rep. Lisa Hango - Franklin 5

Rep. Vicki Strong - Orleans/Caledonia

Rep. James Harrison - Rutland/Windsor 1

Rep. Tom Terenzini - Rutland 4

Rep. Robert Helm - Rutland 3

Rep. Casey Toof - Franklin 3-1