Molly Gray’s Proposals Would Bust Vermont’s Budget; Cost Over $500 Million

For Immediate Release
September 24, 2020

Mike Donohue

Molly Gray’s Proposals Would Bust Vermont’s Budget; Cost Over $500 Million

POMFRET, VT - Mike Donohue, press secretary for the Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor campaign, released the following statement regarding candidate Molly Gray’s proposals:

“Vermonters deserve to know the truth regarding what the candidates for Lieutenant Governor are promising,” said Donohue. “During last night’s Channel 17 gubernatorial debate, Molly Gray ducked a question regarding the cost of her plans, and indicated Scott Milne probably didn’t consider the cost of his plans. In the limited areas where there has been specificity in Gray’s proposals, the Scott Milne campaign was able to identify unaffordable ideas that would bust Vermont’s budget.

“Across just six policy ideas, Gray has proposed more than half a billion dollars in new state spending, in both one-time and recurring appropriations. Gray’s proposals are unrealistic, unachievable, and would force both higher taxes and deep programmatic cuts. Importantly, Gray has laid out no plan to pay for this more than $500 million in state spending.

“In contrast, Scott Milne has released ProgressVT, a comprehensive policy blueprint that addresses key issues facing Vermont in a fiscally responsible manner. Indeed, Milne’s proposal includes opportunities to achieve significant cost savings in state government without making deep cuts to crucial programs, such as by merging certain agencies and departments, repealing Certificate of Need (CON) laws, modernizing outdated boards, reining-in the budget growth of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, and more.

“The choice is clear in this election. Scott Milne’s reforms would set Vermont on a strong path forward to prosperity. In the midst of an economic crisis and global pandemic, Vermonters deserve a Lieutenant Governor who not only has experience balancing a budget, but also has a clear and realistic vision.”

Molly Gray’s $563.78 Million In New Taxpayer Spending



Last Mile Broadband

$284 million recurring and one time

Universal Primary Care

$163.8 million recurring

Green New Deal

$30 million recurring

Mandatory Paid Leave

$29 million recurring

8020 Ratio Flip for VT Community College

$16.68 million recurring

VSC Bridge Funding

$40.3 million one-time


$563.78 million

Scott Milne’s Cost Proposals (est)

Scott Milne’s Offsetting Savings (est)





Social Security Tax Repeal

$23.9 million recurring

Repealing Certificate of Need Laws

$45.6 million recurring

EITC Expansion

$3.3 million recurring

Asset Testing Property Tax Adjustments

$6 million recurring

Military Retirement Income Tax Repeal

$2.8 million recurring

Unifying Law Enforcement Under APS

$2.93 million recurring

Expanding Medical Deduction

$2 million recurring

Merging ACCD and DOL

$2.13 million recurring

Angel Investor Tax Credit

$1.25 million recurring

UI Program Integrity

$750,000 recurring

VSC Funding Boost

$23.8 million one-time

Lt. Gov Office Budget Restraint

$25,000 recurring


$57.05 million


$57.44 million


Scott Milne knows how difficult COVID-19 has been for so many Vermonters whose lives and livelihoods have been upended. Now more than ever, we need more leaders in Montpelier who understand the challenge of running a small business and creating and protecting good jobs. Scott is running for lieutenant governor in order to help move Vermont through our economic recovery and toward a more prosperous future.

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