Milne Campaign Statement on VPR/VT PBS Debate

For Immediate Release
September 29, 2020

Mike Donohue

Milne Campaign Statement on VPR/VT PBS Debate

POMFRET, VT – The Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor campaign today released the following statement from campaign manager Corey Parent regarding the VPR/Vermont PBS debate:

Today, Vermonters heard nothing but bumper sticker sloganeering from Molly Gray, who has no plan to improve our economy, just budget busting catch phrases. Further, she continued to mislead Vermonters about the fact she did not vote in 2016, and in some of the most self-unaware moments of any debate for any office, tried to lay responsibility for the Trump presidency on Milne despite his long opposition to Trump and her failure to cast a vote against him in 2016.

“Scott Milne showed today that he is the one candidate on the debate stage willing to be honest and forthright with voters,” said campaign manager Corey Parent. “Molly Gray continues to perpetuate the lie that she voted in 2016, a statement her own campaign has disavowed and independent fact-checkers have called false, and she refuses to tell us how she will pay for over half a billion dollars in pie-in-the-sky proposals she slings around like candy at a parade. That’s not leadership, its politics as usual.”


Scott Milne knows how difficult COVID-19 has been for so many Vermonters whose lives and livelihoods have been upended. Now more than ever, we need more leaders in Montpelier who understand the challenge of running a small business and creating and protecting good jobs. Scott is running for lieutenant governor in order to help move Vermont through our economic recovery and toward a more prosperous future.

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